Why Us? - We are simply the best Boutique Travel Agency for you!

We are a unique, boutique agency with the best team support for you!

Cruising Company Etc.®  is not a huge conglomerate with hundreds if not thousands of agents and multiple corporate divisions that often compete against you as a personal travel consultant.  We don’t use your volume of sales to bolster our commercial business as we do not have a commercial division.  

Our focus is on you and your business.   We care about each of you and welcome you into our boutique family business. Your family and values matter to us and the fact that families all around the nation come to us for family vacations makes this very nurturing and magical.  

We know our consultants, care about their clients and we are here to problem solve and make your business successful.   

We provide personalized websites which include destination information, cruise, land, hotel and resort offers professionally presented with your branding.  These sites, along with other travel resources are provided at less cost than other host agencies. 

We offer consultant support 24/7 – providing our mobile phones, office phones, email and text communications as means to provide the support as you need.  We don’t shut down our support on evenings or the weekend.   

We are up front about what we offer, we don’t camouflage and charge you lots of smaller fees that end up costing you more than what we openly present.  Honesty, integrity, and loyalty are important to us and to our team of consultants as well as the many families who have been working with us for over 30 years to plan their dream vacations.   

Our support is incredible due to the fact that we really care what happens to your clients and how they perceive your service.  We work hard to maintain excellent relationships with our super preferred suppliers. Preferred suppliers are essential to providing high quality vacation experiences for your clients. 

Change is the one constant in the travel industry that continues year after year.  We embrace change and bring the best available resources to all of our consultants.  

Being a boutique travel agency is not easily accomplished, but our hearts and souls are invested in continuing to provide outstanding technology and marketing, amazing offers, and professional relationships to support each and every consultant.

The Best Host Agency For Your Business!

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